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May 19, 2009


i ought to sleep earlier. I still get through the day with less sleep, so i\’m not sure why i\’m thinking like this. Must be getting old.

When multiple people say i blog too chim, i guess that means its true. I\’d like to read some not-so-chim blog and see what\’s the diff.

But, like i keep saying, i\’ll not change my style to entertain readers, cos its my blog, for myself. You shall just read whatever appeals to u.

Finally, i\’m glad i can blog in bed. Good night.

2 Responses to “blab”

  1. eddie said:

    ‘Chim’ is in the eyes of the beholder… muahahahahahh =x

  2. xen said:

    good point. i support the principle of relativity.

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