conflict of interest

I read in the papers about some reporters going around testing people’s kindness. The one with the best result was sparing some money to help to pay for some groceries when she didn’t bring enough money.

I am not surprised when people hesitated to help carry or look after a heavy box. We all know very well about the guy with a black cap and his bulky black bag on the MRT.

Song of the Moment: Simply Red – If You Don’t Know Me by Now
(you will never never never know me… woooooo)


Found this!

Hopefully this closes the gap that had me hesitating to go mobile. All it needs to give me is Messenger.

I’m still rather stingy to part with part of my monthly salary for this. I think I’m getting some peer pressure watching people buying stuff and gadgets.

It just finished installing on my phone! Watch out for my review later…


I’m amused to learn that besides the government, people inside companies are trying to “create jobs” too: in order to appear useful in this environment where there is less to do; to avoid being labeled as redundant.


Feeling slightly fresher after a swim. But still haven’t written a line of code today.

Looks like the blogging wave is over already, not as many updates recently.

angdao say I’m having pms symptoms. PMS can go swim?

after breakfast

I thought I’d feel better after this exciting breakfast I found at BreakTalk. But it ended in a great disappointment – not nice. Maybe because it was cold.

Fortunately this quote brought a bit of my day back (as seen on Feed Me To The Fish (what’s with the locals and phish…)):

“I wish to die in my homeland, surrounded by my children. I do not want to be told on my deathbed that my children are rushing to see me but are stuck in a traffic jam at the checkpoint.” so wrote Ms Ivy Tan to Straits Times Forum of 23 February 2009.

Song of the Moment: 陈小春 – 我爱的人


it’s another Monday again, this one felt like one of the worst so far this year. Head’s spinning a little right now. Perhaps it’ll get better after breakfast. Yawn.