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i had been trying to get WordPress stats to work the whole of today. I suspect I twiddled a little too much with WP that some things just don’t work anymore. So I got a fresh copy installed and pointed it at my existing database. Seems to work so far.

Now I just have to restore any funny things I added previously.

Anyway this theme looks like it’s a bit too fancy for me. But I think it’s OK to just let go once in a while. I’ll just scout around for something clean, simple and elegant later. For now, let me see if the darn stats is working.


Since I did not write any intermediate posts the whole of last week, I shall take my time now to compile them into a single giant entry.

But first, have to find a new place to upload photos.

what am i interested in?

Location-based systems
Applying existing location technology to useful scenarios. Information integration to provide value than just location. Examples: bus arrival timings, freight tracking, driving directions (including jam/toll avoidance). For the mass mobile market it could be ATM finding, toilet finding, friend/child finding (at a crowded IT fair).

Location technology
GPS is extremely useful in the U.S., and it’s free. However it has severe limitations here, such as cloud cover, tunnels and tall buildings. To proliferate mass market use of location based systems, an alternative location technology is required. Perhaps something targeted at urban areas such as cell towers.

Mobile Power
Mobile devices are hungry for more power now, and are restrained by the necessary weight for its battery. How can we achieve a significantly higher capacity/weight ratio? Mobile charging without wires? Kinetic charging like watches? Or no battery necessary? Biological power?

One word covers it all. Path-finding. Drug manufacturing. Materials engineering.

Software Reliability
End-users are suffering from software bugs. What methodologies are other software companies using? Are there many with quality manual testers and high automation? Strategy difference in testing web and app? How many systems are matching end-user needs? How fast are their needs changing?

Space-time relationship. Astrophysics?

beat it

isn’t it good enough to be 2nd? why must be the best? how can everyone be the first? are there many people who just want to be normal? (read: in the middle mass of a normal distribution)