Just caught pirates III at causeway point a while ago, and like other sequels i’ve always felt that sequels are just not as good as the first of the series. Pirates II was quite good though, but III didn’t follow up well. Effects was still great, and still hilarious, but the story became so-so. Or maybe because it was a below-average theatre and it was a rather long show. Or maybe because of the hot dog combo that cooked for half an hour. Anyway I’m still impressed overall, and not so looking forward to Aqua de Viva. X-Men is still the only series I felt that was getting better each time.

Watching Singapore becoming a pirated Venice in the show reminds me of a piracy map I saw a few days back. Check out the attacks near Singapore! There’s like one whole cluster. But if you zoom in you’ll realize that there’re only like 2 “attempted” attacks on the left and right. The rest are further off in Indonesia. Well, just also wondering if we’ll still see them hold swords, fire cannons and swing onto the victim ship… LOL!