Sun Tech Day

By the subject it’s a geek topic, but I don’t think I’ll go too geeky. I’ve just been at the talks and the food the whole day, cos I looked through the labs and they didn’t look interesting. Plus I got feedback from one who went that the lab was sucky.

The topics were fine, but they didn’t really amaze me, maybe because of my own experience. They showed Compiz on Gnome desktop effects to try wow Solaris, but they’re not Solaris effects as other platforms (eg Ubuntu) with Compiz/Gnome have it too. And they showed a Wii-mote screen tracking prototype, which, yeah, I just experienced too. One thing I realize was the VirtualBox that I tried as an alternative to VMWare got acquired by Sun last year.

Tomorrow will be more talks and food, and due to my poor biological facial recognition capability, you might want to come say hi to me if you’re there too.

EDIT: I found some pics of the event today. It reminded me of the giant duke and dolphin there. I knew the duke but I couldn’t understand the dolphin. Until my colleague reminded me that MySQL now belongs to Sun…

Wii whiteboard

One of my colleagues actually made a prototype after watching Johnny’s video on the Wii whiteboard. Yep, it actually works, using the software he provided off his website. The sensitivity was much lower, maybe due to the non-optimal distance of the sensor, or maybe it’s the infrared LED used. Basically I learnt that the remote not only has an infrared camera, but is also bluetooth capable.

But I still like his other VR idea better.

resolution review

366 days ago, I did a review and a new resolution at the same time. Since I’ve set something, I thought I should review it, even if the results wasn’t spectacular.

  • Get fitter. I failed IPPT again. I think I fell sick more times than the previous year too, so I don’t think I got fitter.
  • Get heavier. Didn’t happen. I gained in the earlier part of the year, but lost it back in the latter.
  • Get tanner. Swam like I never swam before. Did help with the fitter part too. But the tan part didn’t really materialize.
  • Get deaf. Didn’t happen.
  • Get geared up. Once. Didn’t do well at all that time. And then I scaled back on expenses so it didn’t happen again.

Total: 0 passed.

This year? I don’t know.