I was at a neighborhood Starhub shop today, and chatted up with a salesbeng (as opposed to salesman) while waiting to process a recontract.

Warning: Long conversation.

Me: Hubstation got free Internet right?
Beng: Ya
Me: Got integrated wireless router anot?
Beng: Don’t have. You can just buy a router and connect to the Hubstation then you get wireless.
Me: Ya but save electricity ma, if only one device.
Beng: Actually is better to be separated, cos now the network keep upgrading, got B then G, now N… So just change the router.
Me: The set top box also keep changing leh, like now change HD, hubstation…
Beng: Now actually don’t need to use the wireless, can just subscribe to MaxMobile and connect your computer or laptop directly to Internet.
Me: But I got multiple computers mah, that’s why need wireless.
Beng: Can subscribe multiple accounts.
Me: You mean can use same account for multiple computers? or need to subscribe and pay many accounts?
Beng: Ya subscribe multiple.
Beng: It can be use on handphone also, now the phones can surf Internet with the mobile plan.
Me: Ya actually I’m looking for such a plan too, but I need to switch SIM card right? or I can use it without switching?
Beng: need to switch… actually surfing Internet on the phone will suck the battery very fast…
… Later …
Beng: This phone is heavy so its better.
Me: Why heavier better?
Beng: You see ar, like this one so light… you can’t really feel it… if you forget to take and left on table, you also don’t know! This one heavy you put inside your pocket can feel it…

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