May 9, 2009

ice age 3

Scrat 1:

Scrat 2:

“Old-style” Trailer:

I like their concept where the giant mammoth meets the dinosaurs, and discovers he is puny.

May 8, 2009


Multimedia touch-screen at the back seat of cab. All content seems to be advertisements.

Poor cabbies, now cannot even play the songs or radio station they like.

May 7, 2009

helping to summarize

“People aware but might not have time to do anything about obesity in this fast-paced society.”

“People know they are fat, and they blame society.”

Disclaimer: I have nothing against obesity. I was just asked to help to shorten the above statement. My actual recommendation was “Managing obesity becomes a lower priority in this fast-paced society.”

May 5, 2009


Temperature regime started yesterday afternoon, with 37.1°C. This morning I hit 37.5°C. Didn’t know that was high until a colleague told me. So I took it 2 more times and it was a consistent 37.4°C. “You must be stressed…” he quipped.

In the afternoon they distributed free digital thermometers to everyone, which I registered a 36.4°C.

Conclusion: My ear temperature is higher by my mouth temperature by 1°C.

May 1, 2009

where is N20!

Another wave of launches have surfaced in end April. Is it coming to a store near me?

The worst that can happen is it comes, I see a real sample, I touch it, and I don’t like it and decide to give it a miss.

Asus has also demonstrated a multi-touch capable N20 at the CES earlier this year. I doubt I need that functionality, especially if it becomes a battery drain.

HTC Magic

I thought I wrote this before but I can’t find it. Maybe I wrote it in my dreams.

I went into Hello shop few days back and tried an actual HTC Dream phone on display. The touch and scroll felt pretty good and the graphics was smooth. But I didn’t like the slide-out keyboard. It wasn’t really reachable for my little hand. I looked at it and thought: wouldn’t it be thinner if it didn’t have the physical keyboard?

So I went back and took a look at an unreleased HTC Android phone angdao told me about few months back. And there it was! It had no keyboard. But it seems there were a few more buttons than necessary at the bottom.

I did a direct comparison to my current phone, and it was rather comparable. Of course Magic has no keypad. I guess that’s something I’ll have to live with (anyway my current keypad is so flushed it’s like its not there. And it’s harder to depress). Magic has a lousier camera, but as before I am satisfied with 3.2MP. But I’ll need to make sure it takes decent pictures. You know, it could be a 10MP but takes worse pictures than a 3.2MP. Magic is slimmer, but heavier, with a larger screen. Colors down from 16M to 65K. No secondary camera, but that’s fine since I have no use for it. Has no radio (that’s a minus point). Otherwise they both have GPS, HSDPA, Quadband, bluetooth (hopefully not just headset support), WiFi, SD slot, and accelerometer.

Now I’ll just have to wait for the actual set to appear to try it.

flu precautions

on Today’s TODAY newspaper.

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