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May 24, 2008


Nice song, and I like the way different people sing it.

Didn’t like the music, but I enjoy the first few buses alot. I admire the creativeness to make use of an existing component to illustrate a new idea. Such as the first bus in a bus. SBS has this too, but its the back view of the bus. The kissers on the door, smoking picture using exhaust pipe, bendy toothbrush using bendy bus. The rest sucks.

Nature that I will probably never get to see in my life. The photographers are fantastic too to be able to capture these shots. Of all I hope to see 13. Mammatus Clouds the most.

4 Responses to “Entertainment”

  1. http://jonquil31.livejournal.com/ said:

    OMG… the mammatus clouds!!! it’s beautiful!! i love the fire rainbow too! what a sight! you should watch planet earth… i’m so hooked on it… it’s amazing… =)

  2. stoopidboi said:

    planet earth, on cable? i don’t have cable at home, nobody really watches tv in my house. but i think i’d like to watch it, much more than i’d like to read their mags…

  3. http://jonquil31.livejournal.com/ said:

    ks bought the blu ray disc.. but im sure there’s the dvd version as well.. it’s magnificent man.. damn freaking cool.. more than 5 years in the making and they caught many “never-seen-before” footage. honestly some things are so cool that i would’ve thought they were animated and stuff. it’s really nice…

    next rec… blue planet.. keke.. but i havent watched it b4.. juz heard it’s damn good.. like planet earth…

  4. stoopidboi said:

    cool! must have been super-high-quality images!

    blue planet’s about Earth too? Maybe a red planet soon… after the Phoenix finishes its mission!


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