I’m a witness of a fatal car accident

I was on my way to work this morning, walking from the bus interchange to my office. Along the way, there is this 2-direction 3-lane straight road I had to cross, and vehicles along this path usually run fast and furious. There is no traffic light near enough, nor were there barriers in the middle of the road, so it is typical that everyone just waits for a chance to get across the road.

While I stood on the pavement waiting for traffic I noticed this sort-of drunk, unstable and wobbling from side to side as if trying to maintain balance. Then it happened. A black sedan car hit right on, and I could hear an obvious audible ‘BOM’. The body was flung to the next lane, and the wheel of the van on the other lane ran over it. The black car didn’t brake or slow down at all, it just hit and run. The vehicles were quite fast, and there were other cars behind which quickly blocked the view so I didn’t even get to see the car number plate.

I didn’t know what else I could do, so I decided to eat vegetarian for lunch.

Poor bird…

3 thoughts on “I’m a witness of a fatal car accident

  1. glad u liked it.

    anyway it was heartfelt pity when I saw it happen. The sound was totally unexpected too.

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