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July 8, 2008


Went back to camp for my very first reservist briefing today. And guess who I met? The guy whom I lent some money to several years back. He looked like a decent and honest guy to me then, was quite a good (army) friend, but he was not comfortable with disclosing the reason at that time. He got lost some time after he said he would pay me back, and I was nagged by angdao frequently because of that. I guess it’s hereditary. I did try contacting him, even asking others in the same department to tell him that I was looking for him, but they said they never kept in contact.

Naturally I approached him and planned to talk to him about it a while later. (not very good to start conversation with a friend with O$P$ right…) Found out he didn’t change his handphone number, and hinted I was unable to contact him all this while. Also learned that he started working + part time study (means he probably has some money already). Some time later he initiated it himself and asked me for my bank account number, saying he’s sorry, he remembers and he’ll pay me back.

At the end of the briefing, it turns out he was the only one I knew there. No others in the same department was there; some might say, this is the Work of God™ that I meet him there.

What’s mine will come back to me. Right?

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