The Drooling Geek

Over skimpily dressed supermodels? No.. over a skimpy notebook. The Compaq Presario B1900 has caught my eye for a while now, for its clean design and ultraportable features. It’s currently number 1 on the CNet reviews, with a rating of 9/10.

Pros: light (1.75kg), good connectivity (wifi, bluetooth, sd/mmc/ms), slightly better gfx (by ATI), cost ($2k – $1), detachable DVD-RW

Cons: battery (2hr?), non-gamer (not powerful enough)

I’d gladly top the battery from 4-cell to 6-cell for an extra hour’s worth of battery life, with the weight up to 1.9kg — it’s still tons light than my current one. If I really do get 1 I’ll need a RAM upgrade to 2gb too. These will definitely push the base price up and set me back by $2K+. And with the impending GST increase…ahhhhhh!

13 more days… how about an ultra early birthday present? 😛

4 thoughts on “The Drooling Geek

  1. if it has a bigger screen while being light and compact i don’t mind too.

    but since this thingie isn’t a need i’ll just continue to drool until the model is obsolete or i start drooling over another model…

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