Singaporeans are ungracious. They don’t give up seats to needy people, they sit on the outer seat of the bus, they stand on the right of the escalator, they buy trolleys (trollies?) full of groceries at the supermarket express counters.

Yeah as usual its a few black sheep who will tarnish the name of “Singaporeans”, but just one or two of them can really hog the express side of the escalator. When you’re just behind the hoggers you could still advise them to stand aside, but you just can’t holler up when you’re trapped behind…

And I can understand sometimes you are just dead beat and need a seat to snore on the MRT train… but every one else in the cabin? Also, can’t people just WAIT for train passengers to alight before trying to storm in? Especially those pesky kids who think they’re smart to squeeze under the butts of people trying to get out so they could get a seat. Wonder what the parents are teaching them.

When will we reach the stage where kids are taught to wait for alighting passengers, and need not snatch seats because someone will willingly give up his/hers once they’re in? When will people queue intelligently and turn queue lines so as not to block passageways? Where is the obiang courtesy bear I knew many years ago???

2 thoughts on “Ungraciousness

  1. i actually suffer from the people running in before allowing others to get out symdrome everyday… and it takes place in my ofc lift EVERYDAY… but most of them ain’t singaporean.. mainly cheena pple… it’s really weird coz considering how tiny the lift is, what good will it do if you try to rush in without letting us out? it’s not like u can just press door close and bring us in the lift with you or something… this is somehting i juz dun get…

  2. definitely similar! i’ve always been tempted to use a camera/phone with video and start filming the process of me trying to get out of the door…

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