SNES emulator

Sis was craving for Yoshi’s island suddenly. We used to play it on the Super Nintendo system, which dad “lent” it to dunno who and never seen again. So, I found an emulator on the web, and the corresponding ROM. It was exactly the same game, but much harder to play using the keyboard.

Luckily the emulator was able to detect my gamepad (which I originally bought for maple), and it worked perfectly for the game. Now I’m tempted to buy a second gamepad to be able to play 2-player games like Bomberman! I also managed to find Top Gear, which is a racing game which we always played but never noticed the game’s name. Only when I found it I realized it was a very popular game. I thought it was just one of the so many car racing games in the market.

Anyone wants to try Internet play?

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