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“Tomorrow” became 4 days later, due to a powerful flu I developed on Monday. It started in the afternoon and in a few hours it became full blown. Doc said it was “viral infection”, not sure if it just meant the flu virus or something else. It got so bad on Tuesday that I literally spent the entire day in bed, except answering some chats and fixing a build that my team lead broke. It was the worst MC I ever had; I could feel the whole back of my throat inflammed, my bones were aching, both nostrils were blocked so I couldn’t breathe properly and I was getting goosebumps the whole day, even being wrapped in a blanket.

I was planning to go back to the doc on Wednesday to get another day of rest, but luckily the virus left as fast as it came. The soreness and inflammation was gone when I woke up. Due to the medication I was slightly drowsy so I didn’t do much work (OK there wasn’t much to do anyway).

For today my team lead offered to let me work at home for the morning since there were no meetings for today. Maybe I look too pale to him yesterday haha. I think I’ll just draw a diagram later, after I catch up with my posts.

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