Save Earth. EAT MAC.

There is demand for a Fats Bank for people to donate fat. Since fat is an energy source, the Bank will use the fats collected to generate power. So we fight obesity, and at the same time save the Earth by creating an alternative energy source.

Since fats can now be removed from the body, and for a good cause (save Earth), there is no need to suppress the urge to eat McDonalds in order to stay within weight limits. People will become happier. Obesity becomes a non-issue. Thus the Bank will partner with McDonalds to show advertisements during the donation process and give away vouchers after the contribution. Together with the sale of power generated, the Bank will be highly profitable.

OSIM will close down, since paying to lose fat is stupid. The fats should be put to good use and you get vouchers to eat more Mac. There will be no more vibrating/rocking/squeezing wrappers for every part of your body.

Subsequently, there is no need for me to approach the bank to increase my fat, since everyone else will look like me.

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