Theme Park Attendant

Nieces and nephews have finally gone home after a day of “fun” at my house. Practically had a LAN shop running with maple, audition and games. Sega Mega Drive 2 still works after so many years and kept those youngsters busy for quite some time.

All the buzzing activities kept me on my toes for the whole day as well, as I assumed the theme park attendant role. Setting up the network and ensuring games worked was trivial, changing game cartridges every few minutes to play another game was OK. Tough was pushing the kids to take meals and getting them to go home. Guess I was like that too many many years ago. Even though the games we played were radically different — no computers or high-tech games, getting food into our mouth or dragging us to go home was felt just as difficult as today.

Shall stop my story abruptly here, just feeling rather tired to write on… so… good night!

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