The Spirit of Giving

It’s the month of December, so its the month where bonuses are flying and gifts are circulating. But I’ve always found it meaningless to give someone something just because its time to give something. Like Christmas and birthdays. You buy something just because its time to do so, not because you want to give that person that thing.

Doesn’t make sense to me. Most of the time it ends up to be either some decorative gift (display item) or a common use item (mugs, towels, photo frame [credits: angdao]) that the recipient doesn’t really need. Then comes the trend of vouchers, so you could possibly get something in need.

If there’s something you find suitable for someone, buy it, give it. Whatever time of the year. That’s THE spirit of giving. For christmas and birthdays, consider a call or a get-together meal.

5 thoughts on “The Spirit of Giving

  1. you don’t have to buy any gift. You can buy more over the year 🙂

    and I just added another $10 to my arsenal of birthday vouchers.

  2. oh and i juz have to add this (being really into xmas gift exchanges and stuff)… though common or meaningless, i think as long as it’s a gift it’s really the thought that counts. and i love towels and mugs. these are stuff i dun mind having more of. just my 20 cents worth.

  3. well there’s no need to forgo it… it’s just me. i know there are many other people out there who would love such exchanges. I’ll be glad to add to your collection of mugs heh heh

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