Resolution `08

What shall I do this year? Let’s see…

  • Get fitter. Failed IPPT, so this seems more like a requirement…
  • Get heavier. Eat more. Shall set a 2kg increment this year. Hopefully getting fitter helps with the weight.
  • Get tanner. By natural means. More swims.
  • Get deaf. Re-pickup signing. There’re so many things I learnt and forgot in my life. This is just another one of it.
  • Get geared up. Go for the manual car. I’d prefer a smaller/hatchback manual, but I guess there’s not much choice.

Some other miscellaneous non-resolution things I hope to do:

  • Clean up my room mess before CNY.
  • Upgrade to a new Ubuntu and then to the April LTS. aMSN needs a lift too.
  • Change my blog picture.

2 thoughts on “Resolution `08

  1. what is your swimming routine like?
    i wish i can swim too but swimming broaden my already broad shoulders EVEN MORE. then i’ll end up looking like a butcher. lol.

    remember to put on suntan lotion (i think or is it sunscreen? definitely not sunblock?) before swim to get better tan and protection from sunny.

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