something has happened

I started this post with the title “nothing has happened” but as i typed the first line this windows box BSODed on me. Had to wait for it to restart before I can continue the post. I have always wished to migrate to handphone blogging with wifi, which I can do on my bed. I often have thoughts to pen while I’m there, or thought of something to google on, but its too much trouble and sleep-distruptive to get up, switch on the PC, wait for bootup… and then type, then wait for shutdown… It’s easier to pull out my mobile and do it. I guess I’m a permanent fan of bed-computing. From placing my desk right beside my bed (in aussie), to using DIN extensions so I can stretch my keyboard to my bed. If I could I think I will do everything in bed. This was supposed to be a one-line post but its getting too long. I shall stop here and… yep, go to bed.

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